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User Guide

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View subscription

  1. Navigate to the Manage tab
  2. Search for and then click on the subscription to be edited
  3. Some personal details are shown on the left column
    If the contact details have been confirmed, then a green tick is shown
  4. Some subscription details are shown on the right column
  5. A list of subscription services is shown underneath
    Each service shows the status, the check id of the last run check, and the date that the service is scheduled to next be ordered. Services will be ordered within a few days of the scheduled run date.
    The next run date will show check requested if a check is currently being processed. This might be waiting on the candidate, the verification team, or a third party processing entity.
  6. In many cases the status labels can be hovered for additional information
  7. Click the Actions button to see some additional actions for the service