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There are various ways to set up your groups:

  • One big group for all employees
  • One group for each department
  • One group for each location
  • Any other combination as required

Example: Football Club

A football club may choose to set up three groups. One is for their senior coaches (working with adults) and another is for their junior coaches (working with children). All coaches are unpaid volunteers.

There is also a committee who receive some financial benefits from time to time. As these people receive some financial benefits, they're considred employees and are checked as such; also right-to-work checks are completed for additional compliance benefits.

Example: Chain Store

A chain store has four locations. They set up one group for each location, to help them organise their subscriptions. The groups would all have the same settings.

These checks would all be run as employment checks. You'd also run right-to-work checks for maximum compliance.

Example: Small Organisation

A small organisation may choose to use a single group and the same settings for all of their employees.