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User Guide

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If you do not see the subscriptions tab then you should contact your account manager.

To access the subscriptions system, visit the Subscriptions tab in your integration dashboard.

Subscribe your employees or migrate your existing checks

Your existing checks will still exist, and ad-hoc check request methods will continue to operate. You can run both subscriptions and invites side-by-side. You may choose to migrate all checks, or only certain departments.

Set your renewal periods - we'll manage the invites for renewals

Multiple groups can be set up and each group can have their own renewal periods and check ordering settings.

The renewal system is contexually smart and will adjust periods automatically to maintain compliance. For example if using right-to-work checks and a candidates visa has expired, then a new check will be triggered automatically to request the most recent information.

You can easily see a summary of your whole organisation

Summary results are shown in the subscription system. All services (police, right-to-work, etc) are shown together in the list. The summary results can also be exported as a spreadsheet.

You can also easily download the full pdf results for any candidate, access the historical results, and see a full history for each subscription.

Getting started

The first thing which is needed before creating subscriptions is to set up one or more groups. The various settings for subscriptions -- such as the check types and renewal periods -- are managed within these groups.

Once your groups have been created, you can then add new subscriptions. You can also choose to migrate existing checks into subscriptions.