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Status columns

A summary of each service is shown next to all of the subscriptions in the list. If a subscription doesn't include a service then the field will be blank instead. You can choose which services you want to see by changing your display columns.

You can click on a subscription for more subscription details and a more detailed summary of the services.

New: The subscription has been added but the service hasn't been ordered yet. Our service ordering system runs behind the scenes and there is a delay of up to 24 hours between adding and ordering.

Ordered: A new check has been ordered for this service and a link was sent to the candidate to complete their check.

Pass: The check has been completed and returned, and the result was successful (e.g. NDCO for police).

Fail: The check has been completed and returned, but the result was not successful such as a DCO for police or No Work Rights for a RTW check.

Purged: The check was completed, but the results have since been removed in line with legal requirements. A common example is police check results can only be held for 12 months.