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General information

Can I continue to use my existing co-branded sites or invites?

Yes! Your subscriptions will co-exist with other check ordering and you can continue to use the non-subscription tools including co-branded sites, invites, and api integrations.

When are my checks renewed?

The renewal periods are chosen when you create the group. You can change the renewal periods if required. Some services will run additional checks to maintain compliance. An example of this is right-to-work checks will re-run a visa lookup a few days after the expiry to capture the candidates newest visa data.

In some cases, a service will be ordered a few days earlier than scheduled, so as to coincide with another service. This improves the service efficency and also the candidate experience.

Do my subscriptions need to be unique?

The subscription system requires that all subscriptions to have both a unique email address and also a unique mobile number.

If I migrate a check, is the old check deleted?

No, the old checks are not deleted if migrating a check

Does deleting a subscription also remove the checks or results?

No. If you delete a subscription then the underlying checks and results will not be deleted.

Do I need another co-branded site?

Your existing co-branded site can be used for the subscription system. This site will work regardless of the type (police/rtw) of the co-branded site.

Can RTW checks use their own co-branded site?

This is not supported at this time.

How are checks billed?

Checks will be invoiced against your existing co-bradned sites and billing codes. Your existing pricing will apply as per normal.