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Right-to-work checks

Right to work checks support both citizens and also foreign candidates. Citizen checks require a suitable document such as a passport to be supplied by the candidate. Foreign candidates instead will use their foreign passport to conduct a VEVO lookup to determine work rights.

There are various renewal periods in place depending on the candidate.


These are renewed by default every two years but this timeframe can be adjusted as required. These renewals are important for handing the case where a person ceases to be a citizen. These checks require candidate involvement each time they're run.


These checks are renewed by default every 3 months but this timeframe can be adjusted as required. The first check will require candidate involvement to collect the passport number, but follow-up checks will be fully automatic.

If the result has work rights (either limited or unlimited) then a PASS result is returned. If there isn' work rights (e.g. a holiday visa) then a FAIL result is returned.

Expiring visas

If a visa has an expiry date listed, then an additional lookup will be scheduled for 7 days after the expiry, so that the new visa can then be looked up. This time delay allows for possible delays with either the candidate or the Department of Immigration.

None results

If the lookup has a "none" result -- such as not a citizen and no visa found (potentially an illegal immigrant) then an additional lookup occurs one month later. Note that this only occurs if a visa isn't found at all; if the candidate has a valid visa but no work rights then the standard timing applies.


New Zealand checks

At this time, there isn't support for Right-to-Work checks in New Zealand. If you attempt to add this service, you will be unable to do so. If you are interested in NZ checks then please contact your account manager.