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User Guide

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Import spreadsheet

  1. Navigate to the Register tab
  2. Click the Import Subscriptions button
  3. Prepare your file for upload
    Your file must be in CSV format, with between 4 and 100 columns, and no more than 1000 rows of data.
    You can also use the Download Template CSV link to download a template as a starting point
  4. Drag and drop your CSV file into the the grey box
    You can also click on the grey box to open a file selection window
  5. Specify your field mappings
    The fields in your CSV file are shown as columns, and underneath is a dropdown to choose what that field is used for
    Some sample data from your spreadsheet will also be shown
  6. Choose the group for the new subscriptions
    This will determine which services are ordered, and the renewal periods of these services.
  7. Choose the billing code for the new subscriptions
    The available billing codes will depend on which co-branded site was selected for the group
  8. Click the Import Records button
  9. A summary of your imports will be shown
    Not all imports will be successful. A subscription may already exist, or there might be a validation or technical error.
  10. You can import another file by clicking the Import Another File button