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Check acceptance

Note: This only applies if you have co-branded sites which have Check Acceptance turned on.


Using check acceptance

Check acceptance allows for invites for checks to be sent out for multiple candidates, and then only the successful candidates are actually processed. This means that by the time that the hiring decision is made, the candidates are ready-to-go for their police check processing.

There are other use cases as well, such as having an "open link" for your co-branded site, and then vetting the candidates as they come into the process.

If you want to turn on check acceptance, please contact your account manager.


Search checks for acceptance

Navigate to the Checks section, and then the Acceptance tab.

You can search using the tools at the top of the acceptance list. Search by check id, last name, or first name. It's also possible to search using other parameters by clicking the More button.

Click the Search button to conduct a search.

Checks accept search

To see more details for a check, and also the acceptance tools, click on the check.

Accept police checks - select

The details of the check will be shown.

Check acceptance view - details