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Check filters

You can use check filters to send webhooks only for a subset of your candidates.

Only checks which match the filter specification will have their events sent. If multiple filter values are specified they they ALL must match

  1. Navigate to the Webhooks tab
  2. Choose the webhook to be edited
  3. Click the Edit Webhook button
  4. For the Check filters field, choose Only receive events for some checks
  5. Specify the filters to apply for this webhook;
    Cost centre case sensitive exact string match on the "cost centre" field.
    Billing code case sensitive exact string match on the "billing code" field.
  6. Click the Save button

Example - billing code

In this example, a webhook filter has been setup for the billing code SYD04 which means that only events for candidates with this exact billing code will be sent to this webhook.

If a candidate has a different billing code, such as MEL07 or SYD03 or SYD04X or syd04 or SYD4, then those events would not be sent to this webhook.