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Managing test checks

Test mode records are stored in a separate partition of the database and are not visible in the main tools of the integration dashboard, nor are they visible to the support or verification staff. 

There are a set of tools in the integration dashboard for managing test records.

To access the test mode tools:

  1. Log into your integration dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Api Keys section using the left-side menu
  3. Navigate to the Test Checks tab using the sub-menu
  4. Click on a test check to see it's details and execute the various test mode tools

There are a number of test mode tools available, including tools to change the verification status of checks, tools to generate fake results for services, and a tool to execute the dispatch process for checks.

Click on the Test Checks tab and then choose the check which you want to manage.

Only some of the tools will be available, depending on the status of the check. Click the buttons to change the check status which will also fire the appropriate webhooks.