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Test mode

Test mode keys is the safest method for testing and is suggested during development.

Records created using a test mode api key do not appear in the normal parts of the integration dashboard.

These records are stored in a separate partition of the database and are not visible in the main tools of the integration dashboard, nor are they visible to the support or verification staff.

There are only two areas where test mode records can be managed:

  • Using a test mode API key.
  • Using the Test Checks function within the Api Keys section of the integration dashboard.



There are a few caveats to be aware of when using test mode.

Continue URLs

Continue URLs do not point to the candidate experience, instead to direct the user to a holding page.

The candidate experience is outside of the scope of test mode, and the test mode tools should be used instead.

Result URLs

Result URLs do not point to a meaningful url.

These urls are designed to be sent directly to candidates, so the testing is limited to the successful generation of the url.

Result PDFs can be fetched via the api endpoints.