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User Guide

Business Portal Login

Connect to PageUp

  1. Within the NCC Integration dashboard, go to the Integrations section
  2. Locate PageUp and then click the Connect button
  3. Enter your PageUp API Client ID
  4. Enter your PageUp API Key
  5. Enter your PageUp Tenant ID
  6. Select your PageUp data centre location
  7. Add package configurations
    Create a configuration for each background check package on your PageUp account. You can create the configurations here first and establish the connection, but the packages must exist on PageUp before requesting a police check.
    The packages created on PageUp can have any title or description you like. Use titles and descriptions that best describe the police check configuration so it is easy to pick the right package when requesting checks. The most important thing about setting up packages and configurations is that the Package Code field must exactly match the Code field from the PageUp package.
    The Check purpose/reason and Place of work fields will only show up if your selected whitelabel site has at least one forced reason or forced place of work. All checks started through this connection will use the forced reason and forced place of work if they are set. If no forced reasons or place of work are defined, checks started through this connection will use the reason and place supplied by the provider.
  8. Click the Connect button