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User Guide

Business Portal Login

Setup an organisation domain

Clients can use an organisation domain to make it quicker and easier for their staff to login to the National Crime Check integration dashboard.

Setup an organisation domain

  1. Navigate to the Staff section and then the SSO tab
  2. Browse to the Organisation Domain section and click on the Setup button
  3. Decide an organisation domain and enter this into the Domain field, then click the Save Changes button
    Be careful with your entry, as the organisation domain cannot be changed.
  4. The newly-selected organisation domain will be shown

Login process

  1. On the National Crime Check home page click the Login button on the top-right
  2. Click on the Login using Single Sign-On link
  3. Enter the organsation domain and then click the Login button
    You'll be auto-redirected to your Single Sign-On identity provider to complete the login process.