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User Guide

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Register application

The instructions for registering SAML applications will vary depending on your Identity Provider


Using a metadata file

You can download the metadata using the Download Metadata XML button and then upload this into your provider.

OR manually configuring the details

There are two key fields which you will need to configure:

Assertion URL
This might also be called the Single Sign-On URL

Entity ID
This might also be called the Audience URI

You also need to make sure to use Email Address option for the NameID field and POST Bindings for the assertion url.

Be sure to also set up the first_name and last_name attribute fields, and optionally also a role field.


Identity provider details

Your identity provider will give back some details -- the signon url, the identiy provider entity id, and a signing certificate.

These might be available as plain fields, or as a metadata file, or as a metadata url.