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User Guide

Business Portal Login

Provide the invite details

  1. Choose the type of checks to be run
    If your account only has one type of checks configured, then this option will not be shown
  2. Choose the co-branded site to use for these invites
    Your account may only have one option available.
  3. Choose the billing code to use for these invites
    This will only show up if the selected co-branded site has billing codes configured.
    If you don't make a selection here, then the candidate will be asked to provide the billing code selection instead.
  4. Enter a purchase order code (cost centre code)
    This is an optional field and can be used for managing your invoices.
  5. Click the Send Invites button
    Invite sending happens in the background, and may take some time if many invites have been provided.

Invite sending occurs in the backround and may take a few minutes to be completed. You do not need to keep your browser open during this time.